Monday, January 2, 2012

A Number 1 Year

Dear Reader, 

One year ago, I launched this blog. My idea was to publish short pieces on my research and various aspects of medievalism in popular culture, and my goal was to write something once a week. I've ventured farther afield than I thought I would, into robotics and AI, and I didn't manage to publish once a week (although I averaged one post per week). 

I've been delighted with how well-received my blog has been, and I never imagined that I'd get over 10,000 page views. My hope for 2012 is to develop a more vocal community of commenters (and for that, I need your help). My goal is to continue to blog regularly, and to finish my book on medieval robots. 

And now, for the sake of the archive, here's a look back at the year here. Westeros and Winterfell garnered less interest than a sixteenth-century Spanish automaton, and the Banana, Jr. showed up fairly frequently in Google searches. 

Thanks for reading!

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