Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday YouTube Gems: The Crusades/Billy Idol

This just in from one of our far-flung correspondents.

I was originally slated to teach a course on the Crusades next autumn, but I will instead be teaching a freshman seminar on the history of the liberal arts and medieval intellectual culture. This fabulous video (which references primogeniture and "Deus lo veult!") really, really makes me sad that I'm not teaching the Crusades next year.


Jen B said...

Great post! I have the hope to eventually teach a Crusades class too - this is totally going on my list.

Do you know what film the clips are from? That one actor looks like Richard Branson!

E. R. Truitt said...

I think that some of the clips are from "The Kingdom of Heaven," some are from a documentary on the Crusades, and I also think I saw a clip from the old Technicolor classic "The Crusades."